Payments for rent may be mailed to:

British Colonial Apts., or Amesbury Gardens Apts.

P.O. Box 662

Amesbury, MA 01913


British Colonial residents can place their payments in the drop box located in Bldg. 1, next to Apt. 1.


Both British Colonial and Amesbury Gardens residents are welcome to bring payments to the office located at Amesbury Gardens, Bldg. A, Apt. 9 during office hours or you may use the mail slot if the office is closed.



Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 1:00 pm- 8:00pm. If you need any repairs or maintenance please call during office hours or leave a message on our answering machine.




For after hours EMERGENCY assistance, please refer to the following contacts:


Ernie Cherry 603-770-1353



To insure a fair and safe amount of parking for each tenant the following rules put into place on May 1, 2000, are strictly enforced:


1. No more than one motor vehicle per licensed driver in each household can be parked on the premises at any time.


2. Only vehicles that are properly registered, insured, fully operable and in use can be parked on the premises.


3. No vehicle which occupies more than one marked parking space can be parked on the premises.


4. No vehicle can be parked so that the rear of the vehicle is towards the building. No backing into parking space


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in the office.



Attics in all buildings are locked. Access to the attics will be during business hours Monday-Friday, 1pm to 8pm. Our maintenance crew will open the attics for you upon request during those hours, and if you cannot locate one of our crew you can call the office at 978-388-8808 or stop by the office to borrow an access key.


Please plan accordingly.



During any snow storm of 3 inches or more, a snow plow will work to keep the driving lanes passable. No snow will be plowed between cars during the storm.


On the first work day after the storm, all vehicles must be removed from the parking lot so that a complete snow removable job can be done. If for any reason you will be leaving a vehicle in the parking lot, you must make arrangements to have it removed during this time or leave your keys with management in the office. If you are at home, please be prepared to move

your vehicle/s as soon as the plowing equipment arrives. Any vehicles which are not attended to will be towed to Pat's Towing in Seabrook, NH, and the owner will have to collect his or her vehicle there after paying the towing fee.


At all times, but especially during the winter, nonoperable vehicles can not be present in our parking lots. Any unregistered, uninsured or non-running

vehicles found will be tagged and, when known, the owners will be notified to remove them. If they are not moved by their owners within seven days they are towed. Any such vehicles found in the parking lots during a snow storm removal operation will be immediately towed to Pat's Towing in Seabrook, NH at the owner’s expense.



Do Not provide or hang bird feeders from balconies or patios as droppings from the birds you attract end up on your neighbor’s patio or balcony. The only exception is a liquid hummingbird feeder which does not attract the flocks. If you have plants on your balcony watering must be limited to times when tenants below you are not affected. Water dripping downward to another residence is not acceptable.



1. The swimming pool and pool area are for use by tenants of British Colonial Apartments only. Guests and visitors are not allowed at any time.


2. When the gate is locked, the swimming pool is CLOSED. Other than before or after hours, this could be due to maintenance purposes, repairs being made or chemicals being used.


Climbing the fence to obtain pool access is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED. Being in the pool area when the gate is locked is dangerous and extremely hampers any possible rescue attempts.


3. Children 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent at all times.


The above regulations are policy and legal requirements. We are happy to provide the pool for your enjoyment, relief and relaxation. However, anyone found not abiding by the above regulations risk their pool privileges being revoked for the

remainder of the season.



164 Whitehall Road

Amesbury, MA 01913

(978) 388-4212



Rental office


106 Friend Street

Building A Apt. 9

Amesbury, MA 01913


Office hours

Mon. -Fri. 1pm to 8pm



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